Background and inspiration

This is a session proposed for Mozilla Festival 2016, October, London. Mozilla Festival, London


The reality of innovation in 2016 is that the best ideas can come from anywhere. This session will show that with encouragement , reassurance and a safe environment anyone can contribute to generating, selecting and refining great innovations.


This session will enable contributions to real social innovations to be made anonymously, yet at the same time enabling a sense of community and recognition of contribution. Through this method the participation of experts, novices, students, patient, users, etc. is enabled without exclusion or judgement. Challenges will be presented to the participants using Be-novative or a similar tool.

Participants will provide feedback on the process and discuss the implications for ownership and subsequent exploitation of innovations developed in this way.


We anticipate further development of tools that enable very open innovation. The results of this session will inform one or more reports on the method and the sharing of the outcomes from the challenges addressed.